You know that you have mastered the art of communication when the bears don’t seem to mind you hanging out with the family during dinner time!

Tofino Photography

20121113-20100622-20080925-20080926-IMG_7722I didn’t just shoot this. I’ve decided that when I’ve been grounded (due to weather!) for longer than a week,I’m going to add a shot from the past.
I shot this back in Sept of 08 at Thornton Creek. I know this bear well & she allowed me to be close to her while she was searching for her dinner.
She is smaller than normal,so I called her “Mini”. She’s the best fishing bear down there! Very smart! Most bears stumble upon opportunities,but Mini looks for them!
Her cub’s each year are like her……..very small & very cute!
Mini was trying to draw her cub out from the it’s hiding spot in the forest. “Doodlebug” was watching Mum catch several fish over the course of the hour. Mini was bringing the fish over to Doodlebug with the intent of bringing it out in the open.
She was dropping the fish…

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