National Poetry Day…In New Zealand!


Another blogger friend of mine silkannthreades, was sharing that it was National Poetry Day and I immediately got excited because I have a poem…not a great one but I do like it because I have never thought myself to be much of a poet.  At the same time, I thought about the words…National Poetry Day…and wondered, “Would the United States happen to celebrate on the same day?”  Sadly, they do not.  But, I am going to share my poem with you today in honor of New Zealand’s National Poetry Day.  This will give me roughly two months to write a poem about WATER, the theme for the United States National Poetry Day.

When I was just starting out writing in the public arena I joined a writing site called Helium.  It was very helpful in that it allowed me to explore different topics and authors and to get my feet wet as a writer.  One of the rules of writing on this platform is that they own anything you write for a period of one year.  The poem I wrote is just shy of the one year mark so I am adding a link to my page so they get their due credit.

I was interested in exploring writing poetry and browsed through some various topic choices until I ran across the one topic which got an, “I can do that” response.  The interesting thing about having multiple author’s write on the same subject is you get to see each person’s interpretation of the idea.  After I wrote my own, I read through the other writer’s poems and I was fascinated that we each perceived something different and mine is quite different in tone than the rest.  In actuality, it is reflective of my mindset…as I am a “glass half full” person, always seeing the better side of things.

The topic of the poem…Another Day Older

Another day older…a chance to
Smell the morning coffee as it brews in its pot.
Listen to the laughter of children at play,
Or savor the taste of your favorite ice cream.
Feel the wind blow on your face in the warm summer breeze,
See a smile on the face of someone you love.
Perception is life,
The moment is yours.