This Is Why I Still Have a Facebook Account!

Rock Star

Sometimes you have to just get with the program!  Today’s young adults really don’t have much reality on a world without technology.  As nostalgic as I may be about writing letters, if no letters get written, then what’s the point?  I’ll cherish the cards I get because for some reason,  they are still the right thing to send mom or grandma on special occasions.  Perhaps theses young people remember how much they enjoyed them when they were children and carry out the tradition out of sheer pleasure.

If you want to be in good communication with your children then you better be hip on what method of technology they use most frequently.  For many, including my daughter, it is the phone.  She can call, text, take pictures or videos and then upload them immediately onto her Facebook account.  Which means that I can see my grandson in real time…or very close to it.  Not bad since we’re 3000 miles away.

So, as much as I hate you Facebook…for your advertising, or suggesting articles you think I’d be interested in, or telling me that I haven’t shared where my pictures were taken or reminding me daily that I haven’t listed my education and business resume on my profile…despite all of this annoyance…I will tolerate you…Yes, you win!

For there is no greater joy than waking up and seeing this on my Facebook page:

This is my four year old grandson riding his bike without his training wheels.  That alone was awesome but at the very end of the clip, right before he looks at the camera…he says “I’m a Rock Star” and then gives us a perfect ‘I am too cool to smile’ look.  That was priceless and worth all the annoyances that I ever put up with on Facebook.

I wouldn’t miss this for anything!