Helping Your Child in School


So here we are, it’s April 1st and your child is well into the school year.  This is the time of year when what they are learning is the meat and potatoes of this current grade/level.  We are long past the first three months of review…boring work for most students.
Gone with the holidays…I always had mixed feelings about the holidays.  They always occur right at that point when the kids have gotten into the groove of the school year.  Along comes  Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas…and it can be challenging for both teaches and parents, competing with the holiday monsters (or fairies) for any child’s attention.

Suddenly it’s already January.  This is the time of year that shows the result of most parent upset.  By this time, the parents have had time to observe their child’s progress and if they aren’t happy about it, then this is the time that they make their decision to switch schools.  I was lucky enough to work in the private sector and we had three main enrollment periods.  Summer term, Fall term and January.  For those who have children in public schools, this is where the frustration really kicks in.  If you have a bad teacher, and sadly there are some…you will have a lot of hard work ahead of you.  But, it’s stil your job to help your child.

Hopefully by the time April comes around the students have already completed the standardized testing…if they have one for their age.  There will be a future article on this subject which will provide tips on helping your child navigate their way through testing.

So, the six million dollar question is…are you happy with your child’s progress?  Is your child happy with their own progress? Does your child like school?  If the answer to any of these questions is NO, then you need to take action, now.  Do not put it off for the next term or the next teacher…start now!

What to do would depend on the situation with the child, parent or school.  Normally I do my “How to Help Your Child in School” seminars in the fall, at the start of the school year.  But, they are just as appropriate in the spring, when what your child is learning in school right now is the foundation for what they will be learning in the next grade above.

It is my experience ( 17 years teaching, curriculum development and delivering Parent Seminars on helping your children in school) that children want to learn…love learning…and the biggest reason they don’t is because they have been prevented from doing so…by a grown up.

photo credit:  schoolatoz

photo credit: schoolatoz

It is also my experience that parents love their children…want what is best for them…often, better than what they themselves had.  They also want to protect them from the bad experiences they may have had when they went to school.  The biggest reason that most parents struggle when it comes to helping their children is because they lack information.

I’m going to attempt to deliver the seminars via my blog, perhaps one per week.  I’ve never done these seminars via the web…they are pretty interactive…and it is much harder to read the audience when they are behind a screen, off in some other location…but, I am willing to give it a shot.   As I get started on them,  it would be nice if you could  help me out and send me some feedback via the comments section.

I would also like to open up or create a Q and A platform for any specific questions on education, parenting or school work that you need help with right away.  Sort of a Dear Abby column.  I think I’ll call it…Ask Mrs. P.   As soon as I have found out how to implement such a thing onto my blog, I’ll get it up and running.  So, I’ll see you next week with the first seminar.