Bill Cosby: Kickin’ It at 75

Since the original writing of this post, much has been publicized about Bill Cosby’s unconscionable behavior towards women throughout his career. I am truly disheartened and these acts have forever tarnished the good works he presented to the world. So many of my favorite parenting expressions are now overshadowed with disgust for his behavior.

I thought of deleting this post from my blog but decided to keep it…because this post included a lot of Rick and I…it included things that I value and found entertaining.  I also learned that even I can misjudge a person to such an extent that I am shocked to learn the truth. So, in reading this post, know that it was the last time I could honestly enjoy the work of a talented performer.

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Inevitably as you you reach the age of fifty and beyond, that youthful concept of an endless road ahead of you makes an adjustment.  Your perception of mortality might be a bit more realistic.  You might know someone from way back when…who is no longer here on this earth. And you begin to realize that you need to put more attention on getting the things you want to do in life… done, while there is still life to do them in.

I began noticing some of the great performers of the past are getting pretty old, some have died already, but those who are still alive won’t be so forever.  Everyone has someone they would like to see perform…before it’s too late.  I always wanted to see Ray Charles ‘live’, but before I knew it he was gone.

Six years ago I got lucky and saw B.B. King at a small venue.  I loved it…he was great!  He didn’t play as much…did a lot more talking during the show.  Great stories…I think I enjoyed them the most.  And he can still sing and play!  I’m really glad I saw him…it’s like being part of history when you look at where he came from and how different life was back then and how much things have evolved.

Shortly after that, I heard that Bill Cosby was going to be in town.  Yes, another one I had to go see.  But I didn’t make it…as much as I wanted to go…I decided Bill had to wait a bit longer.

Why did you wait, you ask?

After kissing a few frogs…one of them turned out to be a prince who invited me to his castle on the same day of the show.  Nowadays, I call that castle…home.  You might say that we had a really long date…in fact, we’re still on it!

Last November, I found out that Cosby would be in town and this time I didn’t hesitate…I bought two tickets.  Now, he is getting up there in years and I wasn’t sure what to expect and didn’t know if he still had it in him or not…I hoped so!

He didn’t let me down!  It was an awesome show!

He basically tells the story of life as it evolves…his life.  But really, it’s your life too…or perhaps the guy sitting in the chair next to you.   With each stage he becomes that person..the four year old, refusing to open the door for his angry father or the twelve year old…in love…

At one point as he crawled across the floor on hands and knees…I waited to watch him get up…c’mon, the guy is seventy five…but he just bounced right up and sat in his chair.  There was no grabbing the table for stability…no rear end up in the air…no grunts or groans.   I admit, I shook my head in shame that he was in way better shape than I.

He is truly a master…his delivery is that of a practiced professional…timing each line for the greatest impact.  I love seeing truly good people perform…people who have been in the business so long they are comfortable with whatever comes up.  Cosby has that quality.
Entertainment today, especially music  and comedy are extremely graphic.  Bill shows that the art of being subtle is just as powerful. He takes sensitive subjects like his struggles going through puberty…and sex…and marriage and delivers them with class.  It was refreshing to hear an entertainer  who had the ability to communicate to any age bracket, someone who can evoke pleasure by getting you to laugh about the worst times in life.
If laughter is the best medicine, then I had a good dose…last night.

Is there anyone that you would like to see…before they’re gone?  I’d love to hear about it.