Tales of customer service that go the extra mile? I’ve got one.


A wonderful example of going the extra mile…hat’s off to Ruth’s Chris Steak House and one particular wait staff.

Robby Robin's Journey

Listening to the car radio, it suddenly came back to me: the empty place setting, the black napkins, the untouched wine.  Ensuring he went out in style.  An act of kindness.

This past week I caught a portion of a CBC radio show called “Under the Influence”, hosted by Terry O’Reilly.  I often catch him on Saturday mornings when I’m driving to or from the grocery store, but I never get the whole thing, just bits and pieces. He talks about advertising and marketing: its history, what has worked, what hasn’t, and interesting new trends.  Fascinating stuff.  The one I heard this week was about what he called “caring customer service”.  O’Reilly is looking for tales of memorable customer service, stories from people who have received customer service that exceeded their expectations.  He reminds his audience that happy customers have a positive impact on the bottom line.

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