No More Trouble

playing for change

I’m feeling a bit philosophical today.  As I look at the changes that have occurred in my lifetime I am in awe of the technical advances yet saddened by the deteriorating social climate.

I grew up in a time where I could walk to school alone at the age of seven.  I could leave the house to go to the neighbor’s down the street or ride my bicycle all over town…alone.  And we could leave the doors to our house and car unlocked.  Getting into trouble at school meant you were chewing gum, didn’t do your homework or talked in class.  The earth was beautiful and the air clean.

I am not certain if the security I felt was as actual as I perceived or if it was my youthful mind that saw it that way.  I do know that I did not feel those same feelings as my own child grew up in the same neighborhood.  I felt a lot of fear.  Though a lot of that fear was simply the fear a parent experiences when they see their child growing up and becoming more independent.   But, I would never let her ride her bike all over town or let her walk alone any further than the next door neighbor simply because she grew up in a time that child kidnappings were on the rise.

Now, as my grandson is growing up, my daughter has taken on the responsibility of providing a safe environment for her child.  What she sees is heartbreaking and far too common.  The area that she lives in belongs to one of the State Capitols.  After moving there to attend college, she discovered that it has both high crime and heavy gang activity.  She has barely lived there a year and within the first three months her son’s bicycle was stolen right outside her front door.  She can’t have packages delivered to her house because neighbors will steal them.  Recently, a local festival for the community was interrupted by gunfire in the crowd…three dead and two wounded.  Fortunately she was in the parking garage, headed for home when the shooting occurred.  Nowadays, parents have to worry about drugs, violence and death when they leave the house or send their children to school.  The earth is still beautiful, the air is polluted and we are experiencing visible climate change as a result.

Current headlines had the world watching as the new Pope was announced.  Within days of this the media has turned to US drone strikes over Pakistan being in violation of UN charters.  And now, the US is beefing up it’s defense systems over perceived threats from Iran and North Korea. As a fan of historical documentaries I am familiar with the United States involvement in War and I see a familiar pattern emerging.  War… is not the answer.

The group Playing for Change got it right in their song titled War/No More Trouble.  Take a listen.  If you need help with the lyrics, press here.

I’d like to see us get out of the political and corporate greed mind set in our government…get into welfare…and I don’t mean the system.  I mean taking care of each other.  Invest in sustainable ideas…for our planet, for the world…for our children.

Here is an amazing address given to our world leaders by a twelve year old.  I’ll let her words be my final thought for this post.

I just discovered a post titled The Good Fight, which includes a phenomenal speech by Margaret Heffernan called Dare to Disagree.  Not only is it fitting for this article, it is applicable to anyone, in both business and personal relationships. Though it is a bit long…it is well worth the time spent on it.  I hope that you take a few minutes to listen and click on the highlighted link above.