Picture by David Dunham

Picture by David Dunham

One of the most fascinating things about doing a family history is seeing the changes that major events playing in the daily activities of life. Today’s reblog shows some of the changed that occurred for American families during WWII. Don’t forget to read the comments were readers supplied additional details.

As we grow older, documenting events that have occurred during our lifetime will be just as important. I reflect on some of my own experiences such as seeing a man on the moon, Kennedy assassinations, Vietnam, 911, MLK and Barrack Obama. These are historic markers of which we hold the details of our experience. I encourage others to write down how events like these affected their lives…so that others in the future can understand them more clearly.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

This is the latest Guest Post from gpcox all about the vehicles in service during World War II and a little about what the American Family had to sacrifice back home.

When Making a Car Was Illegal

After Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt ordered all car manufacturers to cease the production of private automobiles and convert the factories to produce military

vehicles, weaponry, airplane engines, parts, etc.  But, this would not put an end to man’s love affair with the automobile.  A car manual became priceless to a private owner and a truck manual was an absolute necessity for a farmer or businessman.  With the rationing of gasoline in the U.S., the “National Victory Speed” was 35 mph and driving clubs were encouraged. (Our modern day car-pools).

Automobiles were produced in massive quantities before the Great Depression and this brought the price down considerably.  Then, the stock market crashed and many…

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