New Year’s…Another Chance To Be A Better You

beautiful life

There is almost a magical quality in a person’s ability to turn dreams into realities. What seems to come naturally for some can mystify others. Yet intention affects every aspect of our daily lives. It can determine how satisfied we feel in our jobs, as a parent or in our relationships. It is a skill in handling life that is very desirable.

If we inspect those areas of life in which we have felt a sense of pride, accomplishment or happiness we will undoubtedly find that we have created much of that success. An example of this could be getting special recognition at work for a particular project you’ve completed. On the other hand, when something does not go as we intended we often feel a sense of failure or regret. One usually tries not to get fired from their job, lose a relationship, etc.

But can anything really be done to improve this?

I think a key component in being able to determine desirable results is to really knowing who YOU are. Most people spend a great deal of their life interacting with others. Over time you have probably gathered an accumulation of ideas and viewpoints. Some may be yours and some may derive from a parent, coworker, a past experience or even a complete stranger. Invariably you choose to accept some and reject others which is a natural thing to do.

As surprising as this may seem, you already have the power of intention! You use it all the time without being aware of it. What you may not realize is that you sometimes intend to fail…and then you do fail. How often have you heard someone say “If something bad will happen, it will happen to me.” or “I can’t get a date.”? You might say, but that’s not what I really want. I want to be happy and successful!

Over time it may be confusing to know whether you are pursuing your intentions or someone else’s. How this came about, whether by conditioning or simply habit is not important. What is important is what you can do to be more successful in your life. Perhaps some retraining in the way you make decisions is in order.

Some helpful advice might include:

1. Don’t limit yourself or your ideas by using phrases like “can’t”, “won’t”, etc.

2. Create an ideal situation, even if the current scene is far from it. Create it as an actuality that has already occurred.

3. Become more aware of opposing thoughts (from yourself and others) which would negate the possibility of achieving your goals.   Acknowledge the opposition and recreate the ideal one. If you know someone who is also interested in improving their success you can coach each other by gently by pointing out when you observe them countering their abilities.  The main point is to help improve their awareness of doing this so that they can change it.

4. Practice creating YOUR intention, purposefully. Start with some easy assignments such as; when doing the weekly shopping, deciding to complete it in 20 minutes, including purchasing everything you needed even though you are shopping on a Saturday. When your confidence has grown you can tackle some bigger ones like finding the ideal mate, job, etc.

5. Trust yourself and your abilities. As you practice this and establish moments of success this will become easier to do.

Often when you start getting more successful, you become ready to take on bigger challenges. You might also become aware of environmental factors which have a very negative influence on you and your life. If this occurs you may have to courageously look at changing your life in a big way. Try to do it in such a way that leaves you feeling good about yourself and keeps your integrity intact.

Sometimes the simplest ideas produce the greatest results. The word “power” seems to infer superior abilities not shared by many. But, in truth, we all have the capability of having our intention create desirable results and in becoming the powerful people we are capable of being. The main question is, “How powerful are you willing to be?”