A Change in Viewpoint


So often as we are in the process of growing up we grapple with the idea of, “Who am I?”  Many of our ideas about life are based on our upbringing but as we get older we start to have our own opinions which can be quite different than what we were taught when we were young.  We take for granted that our parents know everything and accept what they say with little or no evaluation.  As we become educated and our reasoning skills develop we learn how to evaluate things for ourselves.  Provided we are allowed to think freely we begin to discover our true self.

What do you consider beautiful?

The post that I am sharing with you today tells of one girl’s experience with beauty that is quite different than what I was taught.  What is even more important is that she was able to observe that she had been indoctrinated into thinking this way because of century old traditions passed down from generation to generation.  Given an opportunity to travel and live outside her native country she observed that these “assumed truths” weren’t that true after all and was able to change her viewpoint.

Have you ever grown up with a certain idea only to find that it wasn’t really how you felt but was how you were indoctrinated?  Did you change the way you acted as a result?