Storm of a Lifetime

sandy pic

I have decided to reblog this and future Hurricane Sandy posts on my site as it has a lot of historical value which I feel will be appreciated more fully in the future. Seeing as I had not been impacted myself by Sandy, I have chosen Laurie to be the voice of someone who experienced it directly.

laurie at large

It’s been a surreal few weeks in Hoboken since Hurricane Sandy hit and while I’ve been documenting the upheaval in our community, it hasn’t been through writing. I decided to start by publishing my thoughts on the night of Monday, October 29 as we waited for the storm. 

Hurricanes can put a lot of things into perspective. I feel so calm, like the eye of the storm. All the clutter that’s been in my brain seems somehow unimportant. We could get flooding this year, and if we do, it’s OK. We’ll sort it out. Nothing here is so important as being alive and healthy and having my daughter with me.

We are safe. We are whole. We are warm.

I feel an intense focus and concentration. The Internet has gone out and it is not possible to keep checking things. It would be a good time to do something like have…

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