Unsung Heroes

    Sometimes for national security reasons some of our bravest soldiers never get much recognition or acknowledgement. As a fellow blogger and friend has pointed out…today, we can change that. https://pacificparatrooper.wordpress.com/2016/08/14/navajo-code-talkers-day/ Thank… Continue reading

Changing Seasons – June: The Nature Show

Nature often introduces the most enjoyable entertainment. Sadly, it’s a commonplace event to see children bent over, peering at a screen oblivious to his/her surroundings. In a world full of technology it’s easy… Continue reading

Humanity, Love and Angels to the Rescue!

I was impressed that there was very little press given to a hate group (practicing under the guise of religion) preceding their arrival to Orlando this weekend. The press around here did not… Continue reading

Sometimes You Have to Move Mountains

Every family has it’s drama, it’s quirks or “that uncle” that only gets mentioned in whispers. For me, that person was my younger sister who found solace in a bottle, no longer functioning… Continue reading

Broken Wings – A Memorial

Oh my little birdie…when you were young you had no voice, Though all the others did. Only silence came from you. Until a loving hand showed you how to sing…and you found your… Continue reading

The Changing Seasons: April

Is it already the end of April? Where does the time go? Why is it that catching up after being on vacation takes much longer than the time you were gone? A month… Continue reading

Boy…or Girl Wonder

I have never promoted anyone’s KickStart Program before but this one is such an excellent one I thought some of my blog followers would like to support it…if not monetarily, simple as a… Continue reading

Changing Seasons – Mixing It Up In March

Though I rarely do challenges I thought this one would be something I could do and it also gave me an opportunity to play with my new camera. Changing Seasons is a monthly… Continue reading

A Bird’s Eye View

I have been playing around with my new camera, still shooting on automatic and while I was at a friend’s house I decided to try getting some shots of pelicans from a high… Continue reading

Listen to Your Mother – San Francisco

It’s official! I’ll be performing at the Listen to Your Mother show in San Francisco on May 6th! I had submitted a humorous essay last year but was too ill to audition for… Continue reading