As I contemplated Thanksgiving, thoughts of gratitude come to mind. Over the years I’ve had many different and varied Thanksgiving celebrations. This year was no exception. As circumstances would have it, I was… Continue reading

The Project House…Nature is Testing Us Again

With Dorian’s arrival we are going through our third hurricane in ten years. The nice thing about hurricanes is they are somewhat predictable, unlike earthquakes and tornadoes which give very little time for… Continue reading

Can you See the Light?

  Okay, I admit it, I am a Blues Brothers fan and could not resist using that reference for this post. When we first started this project all of our light came from… Continue reading

Project House Tour

It’s been quite some time since I’ve given an update on what we’re doing at the project house. As weekend warriors, we are progressing at a much slower rate than we expected but… Continue reading

Downtown Syracuse Architecture…and a Question

Love to visit cities with classic architecture…Syracuse NY is loaded with it! Curious…anyone out there know how to share photos in a WordPress comment? A friend of mine is getting bloggers to share… Continue reading

That Yankee Doodle Dandy Is At It Again

One of my favorite bloggers, Mike Allegra is also a great doodler. What started out as a blog post has turned into a contest in which others vie for the next tailor made… Continue reading

“A Bloody Day in Destiny”

Originally posted on Russ Towne's A Grateful Man :
? ? I love writing tales of the old west. My first book of western tales is now available on Amazon. It’s titled A…

A Splash of Color and Banana Babies

Shortly after we purchased the project house, my next door neighbor gave me three banana plants. He grows them every year and they produce quite a few bananas. It takes about a year… Continue reading

Newer, Better and Completely Functional

Although we have made a lot of changes on the project house aka Love Shack, none of it is very picture worthy. We put in a new AC and heating system with full… Continue reading


Rick and I were discussing the death of Stephen Hawking and marveling over his famous scientific brilliance…despite having a severe handicap. It got us thinking about what causes some people to achieve well… Continue reading